Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 Grueling Rounds

Even more about me: I like to workout with my Son, Anthony. He's a college wrestler and former Capt. of his team at Redondo High School.


Today's workout was described by A.W, Taylor in an article titled “A High School Wrestling Conditioning Program” published in the journal of the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education & Recreation, volume 34, no. 6, August-September 1968:

2x Rope Climb +
20x Bench Jump +
10x Jumping Pull-up +
10x Bent-knee Sit-up +
5x Split Jump +
10x Neck Bridge +
4x Handstand Push-up +
8 Long Sit-out +
12x Double-leg Raise +
6x Burpee
Three Rounds


Wipe off the sweat and eat lunch!


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