Monday, October 26, 2009

Losing another pound!

Its a beautiful day! Go out and get 30 minutes of fun activity!

Take a look at a new research study from the journal,
“Obesity” - Exercise Training Prevents Regain of Visceral Fat for 1 Year Following Weight Loss.

Researchers studied 97 women. They were put on an 800 kcal per day diet and lost 12.3kg - that’s a lot of weight! After the weight loss, these women were put into 2 groups - control (no exercise group)and the other cardio/resistance training group. the exercise groups did 2 workouts per week of 40 minutes.

After one year, it was found that the folks who stuck to their exercise program and went back to prrevious diet only gained back about 3.5kg, but the non-exercise group gained back 6kg.

So the study showed that both cardio and resistance training helped limit weight regain.
Of course, in a perfect world, these subjects wouldn’t have gained back any weight, but at least exercise helped them keep it off. So there are 3 lessons here…

1) Diet plus exercise is most powerful
2) Consistency is king
3) It doesn’t have to be cardio - resistance training is also effective.

I've been getting these amazing new updates every week from Kari...
"ok, so for the past year i have been doing 6 days a week of cardio and have been stuck at 130#. After my first week I lost one pound! I know its not much but its past my plateau and this was after my one cheat meal you allowed me!!!!I'm excited. Hopefully i will get to 115# without working out so much Thanks Bobby! here's my food journal:"

And then the next week..."down another 1.5lbs this week!!!! Ive been telling you all last week about doing steady state b/c i was getting the itch again that more cardio isbetter. Well i held to no steady state and have stuck with justdoing weights/circuits with you on mon,wed,fri and then on tues/thurs doing Intervals. I can't believe that i'm losing weight by working out less! my diet is as follows:"

And finally, just yesterday she wrote..."down another pound this week. I'm now at 116! One more pound andi've reached my goal and i've got plenty of time to spare before my reunion!"

*How cool is that?!I get so excited when I hear these success stories...

Transforming your body is all about quality training and whole,natural food nutrition.


Have you heard of fitness bootcamp workouts?

You’ve probably heard me mention them recently, but I’ve just discovered a surprising new benefit to these types of workouts (and ALL partner and group workouts in general).

In a recent issue of the Economist, I stumbled across an article reporting this…
“Research shows that if you train with others, you can endure more discomfort and you can train harder.”

That means more results, and it’s just one more reason why you should be training in a bootcamp - or at least with a partner.

The right training partner and environments are crucial for success.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

90 days left! 5 ways to Transform your Body

Look closely in above video. You just might see somebody familiar! Lol

There are less than 90 days left in the year, but with these 5 simple steps you're about to discover, you can still change your body in 2009 - even during the holiday season.
You just have to make 5 simple changes this week. I promise you the path to success is simple.

And I promise you that you WILL get better results from short, burst workouts - NOT slow cardio. After all, a recent study published in the British Journal of SportsMedicine found that 26 out of 58 men and women dropped only 2 pounds after a 12-week cardio program. That just shows you that cardio is not the best way to transform your body. Even though these poor men and women were forced to do 5 hours of cardio per week, most of them just didn't get results. Even the lucky ones who did get "results" with cardio still only lost an average of 6.7 pounds in 12 weeks.
But that's a far cry from the 12 to 30 pounds of fat that men AND women are losing on an integrated Stength/Interval training program.
So here's what you need to do to succeed in transforming your body:

1) Never, ever, EVER give up.If you stumble, get back up. Get social support from a nutrition buddy and from an exercise partner so that you can always have someone there to help you through the tough times.

2) Be consistent with your nutrition compliance. Stick to whole, natural foods 90% of the time and you will change your body - guaranteed. We all know that we need to avoid junk food, sugar, and mindlesssnacking, so simply plan ahead by packing and prepping food and you'll avoid diet-killing mistakes.

3) Make baby step changes today for long-term lifestyle changes that will guarantee you'll lose the weight. Even when you are on holiday and feel like you are not sticking to your plan, your healthy habits will kick in.

4) Keep track of your nutrition. This will help you identify the mistakes you are making BUT also will show you what works best for you. And then you can always return to the most effective program for you if you are ever struggling.

5) Exercise smarter, not longer. As I mentioned earlier, study after study continues to show that long, slow cardio is almost worthless for transforming your body. And more importantly, there are dozens if not hundreds of real-life examples at your gym or where you work that prove hours of cardio does not cause amazing transformations. It might be the overweight runner in your neighborhood, or the person who does an hour on the elliptical machine every day at your gym who still looks the same as they did last year, or it might be someone at your work who is frustrated with their workout becausec ardio is getting them nowhere. Or it could be your own frustrating experience with cardio...But I promise you, dropping cardio and switching to the short, burst resistance and interval training workouts in the will help you transform your body - fast. It's a win-win situation.

You'll save time, exercise less, and get more results.