Monday, November 15, 2010

12 Holiday Fat Loss tips!

"Keep moving in a positive direction. Realize that difficulty
is nature's way of filtering the successful from the rest. Always take
action no matter what because in action comes success."
- Bedros

Sadly, T-Day is the nation's number one day for heart
due to the surge in calories combined
with the stress of travel and family.

WANT A BETTER IDEA? One that can help you
drop 1-2 lb between now and the end of the
week... while enjoying Thanksgiving?


1. Starting today, cut your carbs back to just
a handful of starchy carbs per day (literally a
handful) -- or none at all.

2. Substitute all starch for green veggies cooked
in olive or coconut oil. Tasty!

3. Eat each meal on a SMALLER PLATE... this
is just for the next three days. So your serving
should be about 1/2 to 3/4 normal.

4. Drink at least 12 glasses of water per day.
I know that sounds like a drag, but you can
make it tasty if you add lemon and Stevia, a
natural sweetener to it. Lemonade all day!

5. Finally, no food 4 hours prior to bedtime
unless it is raw green veggies (in other words...
no food. : )

Then enjoy your Thanksgiving
meal with the following tips:

1. Continue with the small plates (or just go
with smaller servings)...

2. Eat SLOWLY. Do not rush. Your brain will
signal your stomach that you are full in time
to prevent those horrible stomach pains from
eating too much at once.

3. Wait a few hours, then have seconds! Same
idea, but even less food.

4. Eat your dessert after your second feeding
but do NOT eat it without first eating real food.
That way you'll have less of it but still get all
the taste you desire.

5. Stop eating when the sun goes down... this
is KEY to enjoying your meal and letting it
digest without packing on bodyfat.

6. Give your leftovers to the homeless... they
need them more than you do.

7. Be SURE to drink plenty of water throughout
the day and the following day drink even more.

These 7 ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when
it comes to using "bad food" to melt your bodyfat...
Enjoy the holidays!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting fit during the Holidays 1

"Subtract" and not "add"
to YOUrself durinng this holiday season which is quickly approaching.

Well I'm going to let you know what you must do.



That's it.




You know how if you are driving and you are getting
ready to go up a hill, you give the car a little more "gas"
so you can "attack" the hill.

Well, this is no different.

If you drive at the same speed when you get on the hill, the
car is likely to stall.

You MUST attack the hill and you also must ATTACK the
holiday season.

If you are exercising or working out now. Do 2 to 3 more reps
per exercise.

Push a little faster on your cardio training, go a little bit longer,
just 3 to 7 minutes.

Just do a little bit more than normal.

Attack the hill.

If you aren't exercising now.. START.




You CAN walk. It doesn't cost anything.

And this is something that you can do TODAY!!!!

So that's the tip.


Okay, for the smart folks

I know you think that such advice is minor BUT
it is not.

Adding an extra 5 minutes to your workout during the
week, is just like you jamming an extra workout in during the week.

And doing just a couple more reps, allows you to burn a couple
more calories.

This make a HUGE difference in the end. Especially when you
are inclined to miss a day or two during the holiday season.

Remember, the key is to get out of the holidays and go into
January 2011 having SUBTRACTED from YOU not having ADDED
to YOU.


Take care and remember to have a great day.