Monday, November 15, 2010

12 Holiday Fat Loss tips!

"Keep moving in a positive direction. Realize that difficulty
is nature's way of filtering the successful from the rest. Always take
action no matter what because in action comes success."
- Bedros

Sadly, T-Day is the nation's number one day for heart
due to the surge in calories combined
with the stress of travel and family.

WANT A BETTER IDEA? One that can help you
drop 1-2 lb between now and the end of the
week... while enjoying Thanksgiving?


1. Starting today, cut your carbs back to just
a handful of starchy carbs per day (literally a
handful) -- or none at all.

2. Substitute all starch for green veggies cooked
in olive or coconut oil. Tasty!

3. Eat each meal on a SMALLER PLATE... this
is just for the next three days. So your serving
should be about 1/2 to 3/4 normal.

4. Drink at least 12 glasses of water per day.
I know that sounds like a drag, but you can
make it tasty if you add lemon and Stevia, a
natural sweetener to it. Lemonade all day!

5. Finally, no food 4 hours prior to bedtime
unless it is raw green veggies (in other words...
no food. : )

Then enjoy your Thanksgiving
meal with the following tips:

1. Continue with the small plates (or just go
with smaller servings)...

2. Eat SLOWLY. Do not rush. Your brain will
signal your stomach that you are full in time
to prevent those horrible stomach pains from
eating too much at once.

3. Wait a few hours, then have seconds! Same
idea, but even less food.

4. Eat your dessert after your second feeding
but do NOT eat it without first eating real food.
That way you'll have less of it but still get all
the taste you desire.

5. Stop eating when the sun goes down... this
is KEY to enjoying your meal and letting it
digest without packing on bodyfat.

6. Give your leftovers to the homeless... they
need them more than you do.

7. Be SURE to drink plenty of water throughout
the day and the following day drink even more.

These 7 ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when
it comes to using "bad food" to melt your bodyfat...
Enjoy the holidays!

Would indoor cycling help your goals of your Holiday fat loss?!?!

Holla at me for a FREE pass! courtesy of Krista Badagliacca of Syzygy Cycling Studio

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting fit during the Holidays 1

"Subtract" and not "add"
to YOUrself durinng this holiday season which is quickly approaching.

Well I'm going to let you know what you must do.



That's it.




You know how if you are driving and you are getting
ready to go up a hill, you give the car a little more "gas"
so you can "attack" the hill.

Well, this is no different.

If you drive at the same speed when you get on the hill, the
car is likely to stall.

You MUST attack the hill and you also must ATTACK the
holiday season.

If you are exercising or working out now. Do 2 to 3 more reps
per exercise.

Push a little faster on your cardio training, go a little bit longer,
just 3 to 7 minutes.

Just do a little bit more than normal.

Attack the hill.

If you aren't exercising now.. START.




You CAN walk. It doesn't cost anything.

And this is something that you can do TODAY!!!!

So that's the tip.


Okay, for the smart folks

I know you think that such advice is minor BUT
it is not.

Adding an extra 5 minutes to your workout during the
week, is just like you jamming an extra workout in during the week.

And doing just a couple more reps, allows you to burn a couple
more calories.

This make a HUGE difference in the end. Especially when you
are inclined to miss a day or two during the holiday season.

Remember, the key is to get out of the holidays and go into
January 2011 having SUBTRACTED from YOU not having ADDED
to YOU.


Take care and remember to have a great day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

How you Friends Impact you Health

Now, in the past, before I learned about “the power of social networks”, I would have thought of this as “just some people – who share my passion for martial arts, health and fitness ect.”

However, I now realize that the description above doesn’t really capture what’s going on. By getting together, we’re actually using one of the most powerful life-changing tools available to us.

The Hidden Influence of Social Networks

In the video, Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a pioneer in the field of health and social networks, talks about the extremely powerful (and virtually hidden) influence that our social network exerts on our actions, attitudes, and – ultimately – who we become.

He even goes so far as to demonstrate that our own body size (as well as our happiness in life) is strongly influenced by our friends. Check it out and get prepared to be blown away:

When watching this video even I was amazed at how far-reaching and powerful this social network effect really is.

I mean, I can understand this relationship where if our friends are obese we have a 45% higher chance of being obese ourselves. However, it’s crazy to think that even our friends’ friends – and our friends’ friends’ friends – can impact our likelihood of obesity too.

In addition, it’s really fascinating to me that not only our body size – but our attitudes and actions, even our very own happiness – is part of a collective set of attitudes and actions shared by the people that we know and the people that they know.

Harnessing The Power of Social Support

If the people you spend the most time with are critical in your own growth and development as a person – as well as your own attitude toward everything from the food you eat, to the exercise you choose, to the hobbies you spend your time on – if you want to improve something about yourself, it’s probably important to consider your social network in the equation.

Because, here’s the good news. If sickness, obesity, and unhappiness are all contagious – so are health, leanness, and happiness. And by including more healthy, lean, and happy people into your social network, your chances of improving the way you look, feel, and perform will skyrocket.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty cool thing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 Fat Loss Secrets From Foxxy the Dog

3 Fat Loss Secrets From Foxxy the Dog

Woof Woof!

Foxxy the Dog here, and since my Human is away on holiday, I thought
I'd email you with 3 fitness tips to help you lose fat.

After all, I finally figured out how to use the
"Human's" computer, but if you see any spelling mistakes, please
furgive me, but my big paws aren't meant for these small computerz.

Oh, and if you're a cat, please stop reading. Because I don't like
you and I will chase you down if I find out you are reading this.

Okay, woof woof?


Here we go...

Tip #1 - Get your exercise in the morning

After my morning walk, I usually get a rawhide treat, and then I
just lie on the ground waiting for my next walk. And while I do that,
I get to listen to my light classical as my Human goes to End Results to help other humans
get in better shape...

...He tells them:

"It doesn't matter when you exercise for fat loss, all that matters
is that you are consistent. And when you exercise first thing in the
morning, that means you will be more consistent. And being consistent
is one of the most important things in your fat loss program."

Woof, woof, maybe that's why I get a long walk and some sprints
first thing in the morning? Bark bark!

That is probably why the vet once said to my human, "Wow, your dog
has six pack abs!"

Woof woof!

So if you are struggling to be consistent, get up a little earlier
and do your workout before life/work/family gets in the way and
stops you from getting your workout.


Tip #2 - Eat 3 medium sized meals and some very healthy snacks

Since I'm a dog, I'll eat just about anything. And that is good news,
because that means I love to snack on apples, blueberries, broccoli,
red peppers, and bananas.

Woof, I probably eat more fruits and vegetables than most humans,
not including my Human. He eats a lot of fruits and vegetables every
day, even while traveling.

And he has nice abs too. Woof, woof, woof.

Tip #3 - Stay active on your off days with fun & playful activity

Even though I'm almost 5 human years old, I still get anxious when
my Human leaves me alone at home and goes to the gym.

Woof, woof, woof! Bark, bark, bark! Whine. Bark Bark! WOOF!

I am sure am glad that he only goes 3-4 times per week, instead of
6-7 times per week like some folks.

On his days off, we go to the beach and parks and have fun. No long,
slow, boring cardio for him. I won't allow it.

Grrrrrrrrr. That's what I say to cardio machines. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I'd rather chase squirrels any day than get on a treadmill or one of
those silly elliptical machines.

So bottom line:

1) Do short, burst workouts CONSISTENTLY.

2) Eat 3 mid-size meals and lots of whole, natural food snacks in
between meals.

3) Train 3-4 times per week and stay active on your off-days.


It's that simple.

Let me know what you think.

Bark Bark!

Your favorite doggy,

Foxxy the Dog

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Staying in shape in Vegas and End Results' NEW home!

The New and Improved End Results!
Come visit us:
24402 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, Ca.

Here in Las Vegas for a short trip to cap off Summer.
I always stay fit, eat right, and do my best not gain body fat when I travel even though there are a lot of obstacles on the road.

Everything can be managed.

Some of my travel weapons that keep me on-track…

1) My Red Oxx Air Boss carry-on bag that holds a lot of stuff (including snacks and my TRX straps)

2) I use the hotel gym, or I buy a day pass to a local MMA gym. I schedule workouts while traveling.

3) I get up earlier than I want to in order to get my body moving(it's what its built for!) or eat properly

4) I plan ahead – for example, I’ll buy extra bags of raw almonds, apples...

5)I’ll be reading one of my favorite books, “Man’s Search for Meaning”. I recommend you invest in a copy of this book…it will move and inspire you to action. Your mind needs a workout too!

Transformation Tip:
“Do you have an opportunistic mindset, focused on the possibilities in your life? Or do you always focus on the obstacles? Start to pay attention and change your mindset to set yourself up for success.
Having someone to share the healthy/fitness lifestyle with definitely makes things a lot easier and helps you stay on track. We keep each other motivated and focused and train together on a frequent basis. My good friend, always talks about the importance of social support when you’re trying to achieve something, and it doesn’t get any better than having it right in the same house next to you at all times” – Rachel Cosgrove


Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember our fallen heroes

Well it's here - Memorial Day Weekend. The official start of Summer. The great "unveiling" - when the shirts come off, the swimsuits go on and the entire.World knows exactly how good or bad your dieting and exercising was for the last 3-4 months.

Judgment Day!

Are you ready? :)

If not - you have two more BIG weekends this Summer in which to dial in your physique and make a huge difference. That's right - it's not over -- you still have two more Judgment Days this year!

Goal setting is all about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals -- and T stands for "Time line". Athletes peak for National Championships, Trials and World events. Just because you're training for fat loss or to look better naked - doesn't change the fact that DEADLINES are extremely effective tools.

So we're going to set two this Summer.

Your next goal is Independence Day - July 4th - only five weeks away.

With a combination of a kick start plan, a solid workout and nutritional support program and a healthy dose of motivation - you could easily be 10+ lbs leaner by then.

Your next goal is the end of summer - the Labor Day weekend (first weekend in September). This is currently fourteen weeks away. So if you're looking a little flabby this weekend or feeling a little embarrassed about your body -- you can still make amazing changes. It's never too late.

This is an opportunity for you to look great by Summer's end.

But you still need to start now.

Here's the fat loss basics:

1. You need to create a caloric deficit - no two ways about it - you must burn more than you consume.

2. The most effective way to create that deficit is to use a combination of diet and exercise

3. Your diet should consist of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.
Keep starches and refined carbs to a minimum.
Keep your fluid intake high (water only), and try to eat at least 4-5 small meals per day.
This will help maintain blood sugar levels and keep you from blowing your diet.

4. Exercise - interval training and metabolic resistance training will provide the most bang-for-your buck. Steady state aerobic training just doesn't burn enough calories for your goals right now, and a bodypart training split will be less effective than total body training for fat loss.

5. Try to exercise at least four to six days per week - two to three days of interval based cardio and two to three days of resistance training.

6. Supplements: there is almost nothing that will make a difference. Sorry. Certain supplements can boost metabolism, or increase your energy somewhat and these may be useful - but in terms of real world "pounds of fat lost" I have yet to see anything that really made a difference. A multivitamin and a fish oil supplement are vital though - but more for your overall health. a protein shake or meal replacement powder can be useful for convenience but are nothing more than high quality food.

Get started now!

PS -All talk of fat loss aside - enjoy your holiday weekend. But PLEASE remember the point of this weekend - remember our fallen heroes and spare a thought for all the troops who are still fighting for us today. My thanks to all of you.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Excuses or Results?! You can't have both.

Rick was born with cerebral palsy after a birthing complication resulted in the umbilical cord strangling him and preventing his brain from getting oxygen. As he got older and fitted with a communication device it became obvious that Rick was both alert and intelligent and had dreams of his own.

Rick eventually came across an article on triathlons that inspired him to ask his father, Dick, a retired air force colonel to take him out for a run together with Rick in his wheelchair.

Dick did so and Rick said to his father "Dad, when I'm out running with you, it feels like I'm not handicapped" and the rest, as they say, is history.

As of February 2008, the Hoyts had competed in 958 endurance events, including 65 marathons and six Ironman triathlons. They had run the Boston Marathon 25 times.

Simply amazing!

Watch this video and then make yet another promise to stop making excuses about why YOU can't be, do and have what you want.

You can't keep your excuses if you want results. You can't have both.

The only thing stopping you having what you want are the reasons, rationalisations, justification and excuses about why you can't have it. The Hoyts are 100% committed to killing their excuses and taking action.

Are you?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

15% down...

In an ongoing series to motivate everyone to keep their goals at the forefront and continue to take action -- here we are again...

But it's March 1st.

March 3rd is my son's 20th Birthday by the way :)

... 15% of 2009 is gone forever.

15% of your New Years Resolutions should have already been checked off...

So exactly how are they looking now?

Are you on track with those New Years Resolutions? Are you on track with your goals?

If you wanted to lose 30lbs this year - are you down fifteen percent - or 4.5lbs already?
If your goal was to do 250 workouts - have you completed 37?
If you wanted to make $10,000 more this year -- are you on track?

It's amazing how time passes so quickly. Actually it's almost scary...

Don't waste a single second.

If your goal is to feel healthy- Start Today!
If your goal is stress relief-Start today!
If your goal is fat loss - start today
If your goal is muscle building - start today
If your goal is to feel vibrant- Start today
If your goal is (insert anything here) -
start TODAY !

If you're just a little behind -- adjust your plan - make up for it!

15% of this year is gone forever.

Again -- 15% of this year is gone forever. Will you make changes TODAY or will another three months pass, then another six -- and before you know it -- it's 2011.....

Don't waste a single second. Start TODAY.

Where will you be at the 30% point - April 20th? That's 8 weeks away. Will you be 8 weeks leaner - down 8, or even 16lbs of fat?
Will your business demonstrate 8 weeks further growth - will you be 8 weeks closer to your goals?

The time will pass anyway....


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

“99% is a bitch, but 100% is a breeze”

“99% is a bitch, but 100% is a breeze”
Because, let’s face it — You have a lot going on (which can be great!). But the challenge with your extremely busy (and sometimes chaotic) life is that it’s easy to lose your center, become un-balanced, and get distracted from your truth.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

And while it’s really easy to point the finger at everyone else (like your boss, your kids, your employees, your pets, etc) for what’s going on inside of you, the truth is that it’s 100% your responsibility!

Byron Katie that once said: “99% is a bitch, but 100% is a breeze” (NICE!).

And what she meant is that when you aren’t taking 100% responsibility for your life, your mind is going to look for every opportunity to blame, complain, and judge (which is no good for you or the world).

Yet when you can take 100% responsibility for what’s unfolding in your world, you have the opportunity to make conscious choices:

Like when others bring donuts to the office for lunch you reach for your Quinoa and brocolini.

Like when you are getting distracted by Facebook or emails, you can choose to disengage and re-focus your energy and attention on what’s most important. By the way did I tell you I love refferals...

When you commit to being in the drivers seat of your own life, you now have the power to go wherever you want (and that’s when the adventure starts).

7 Days of 100% Responsibility (not as scary as it sounds)

So here’s an idea: for the next 7 days, see if you can take 100% responsibility for creating a rigorous self-care routine that includes
>closing your eyes and being still for a few minutes (meditating),
>moving your body
>doing something that inspires you (like reading), and
>eating really healthy and nourishing meal.

These are the 4 pillars of a solid daily routine, and they will help you get focused, energized, clear, and totally on-track. SWEET!!!

Be willing to let go of what’s not serving you so that you get some fresh energy in your life.
Don’t worry if it’s not easy in the beginning. It can be difficult to change (because human conditioning runs deep) but don’t get hard on yourself or begin judging your capability. Everyone struggles during transformation so be easy on yourself.

SHARE your commitment with someone else and ask for their support in helping you stay on track and focused. Even the strongest person needs help sometimes (or a lot of the time). Hey! Maybe you can a partner to join you!

Determine your REWARD for staying true to your path. Think of something really juicy and enjoyable now that you will give yourself for following through…and then consciously indulge baby!

What do you say? Are you in?

Can you commit to doing these 5 practices for the next 7 days? And more importantly, can you take 100% responsibility for making them happen?

This might be the perfect time to sign up for The End Results Summer Fitness Challenge!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breaking Point 2KX

What’s Your Breaking Point?

Have you ever heard the story of the boiling frog?
It goes like this…
When you place a lil’ froggy in a pot of boiling water, the frog’s immediate reaction is to jump like crazy to get out of that pot and escape “un-boiled”.

If you put that same lil’ froggy into a pot of cool water and slowly heat the water up to a boil, Mr. Frog will just sit there until it’s too late for him to escape. He’ll be cooked before he realizes the danger he is in.

So what’s that mean to you?

It’s simple.
A lot of us are making seemingly harmless little decisions everyday (you know, getting the chips with your sub at Subway or turning that one reward meal into three each week).
Each one of those decisions adds more belly fat and with enough of these bad choices can lead you down the path to some really serious and nasty diseases.

We’re slowly allowing ourselves to be boiled.
We are…
Making small little diet mistakes each day that then become bad habits and cause us to gain belly fat...
Making excuses to skip workouts and slowly get off track...
Waiting and waiting and waiting to get started ...
Not looking deep inside ourselves for internal motivation to change ...
Not seeking out social support from others ...
And just not taking baby steps each day to improve our health, fitness, and body transformations

So I have one question for you…

What is your “breaking point” required to to stick to your program and keep up that motivation? What will finally cause you to make the healthy changes for good and what do you need to help you stick to it?