Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 excercises to Improve your Surfing

Surfing is a sport which requires a high level of balance due to the nature of the unstable surface (waves) that you surf on. In order to improve your balance and in turn your surfing ability,there are a number of simple exercises which can further develop your balance.

These exercises train the muscles which are responsible for your balancing ability, which includes your core muscles (abs and lowerback) and also the muscles through your hips.

To do these exercises you will need a stability (exercise) ball.

1. Knee balance - Kneel on the ball with your hands out to thesides for balance. Try and stay on the ball for 30 seconds withoutfalling off.
2. Knee balance with rotation - Kneel on the ball and hold anobject that weighs 3-5 kgs (eg medicine ball, weight plate). Hold the ball out at arms length and rotate it from one side of yourbody to the other whilst maintaining your balance. Do this for 30seconds.
3. Knee balance throw & catch - Kneel on the stability ball andthrow a basketball or medicine ball against a wall so you catch iton the rebound. Test yourself by throwing it at different angles.

Balance is only one fitness component that is important in youroverall fitness for surfing.

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