Monday, November 10, 2008

Staying fit and ready for Surfing

You find yourself a few weeks out of the water, and then all of a sudden the surf is up and you get back out there only to find that your upper body is stuffed after a few paddle outs.

How do you improve your paddle fitness when the surf is not firing so you are ready for action when the surf returns?
The answer is a simple one - Do some freestyle swimming workouts . Freestyle uses much the same muscle groups as paddling on a surfboard, so if you can do some regular swimming sessions this will go along way towards improving your upper body fitness.

However there is more to it than just cranking out a few laps at the local swimming pool. There are some specific interval training techniques that the "Total Surfing Fitness" workouts implement to help you get faster, better results. This swim training also includes variations of normal freestyle to address certain fitness needs of a surfer.

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