Friday, January 23, 2009

Turbulence Training Bodyweight Circuit

If you've been doing long, slow boring cardio but aren't getting theresults you want, or

if you've found you just don't have time for these long workouts,

I have great news for you. Men's Health expert, Craig Ballantyne, just sent me this bodyweight workout to give to you he also is giving you some
free sample workout videos on his site here:=>

This workout consists of 8 intermediate bodyweight exercises done in a circuit to replace long, slow cardio workouts. Combined with the advanced nutrition guidelines found on Craig's site, you'll lose fat faster with bodyweight exercises than you will with cardio. Here's a perfect way for to do a quick workout first thing in the morning before your day gets hectic.

"Turbulence Training Bodyweight Circuit"o

Do each exercise at a 1-0-1 pace except for the holds.o For Jumping Jacks & Running High Knees, go as fast as possible.o Do all exercises without resting between each.o At the end of the circuit, rest 1 minute & repeat twice more for a total of 3

"Bodyweight Circuits".

1) Jumping Jacks - 30 reps

2) Close-grip Pushup - 10 reps

3) Walking Lunge - 10 reps per side

4) Spiderman Climb - 10 reps per side

5) Wall Squat Hold - 30 second hold

6) Side Plank Hold - 30 second hold per side

7) Mountain Climber - 10 reps per side

8] Running High Knees - 20 reps per sideEnjoy!

Like I said, Craig even has more sample bodyweight workout videos upon his site here:


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthdays, Welcomes and a Tuf Complex

Here is a tough Metabolic Complex I did with
Tennis Pro Eusabio, my son Anthony and Birthday boy Nathan Miller
did this week!

Dumbbell Hammer Curls x 6
Dumbbell Upright Row x 6
Dumbbell High Pull Snatch Regular x 6
Dumbbell Parallel Press x 6
Dumbbell bent over row x 6
Dumbbell squat push press x 6
Dumbbell Alternate Leg Lunges x 6/6 (front to back)
Dumbbell alt leg lunges 6/6 (left/right)
Dumbbell Upright Row 6x6

It is done back to back(no rest) well...I did need to drop
the Db due to my failing grip:)

A great workout to burn fat and increase power endurance.

Happy Birthday to:
Nathan Miller
Maxwell Reeve

I would like to welcome
Blanca and Beth
to The End Results Family!

Make sure to look forward to workout videos
as i get the hang of this blogging thing!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009 Workout

Welcome to 2009, I trust you had a great holiday period and a fantastic New Year's celebration!

Today is the day to get down to some work.

I hope you are now ready to train.
Here is your Post Holiday Gift Workout:

Circuit- If you are advanced, you can repeat the circuit up to 3 times
does NOT require any equipment - just your bodyweight.)

1) Y-Squat - 15 reps
2) 1-Leg RDL - 8 reps per side
3) Reverse Lunge - 15 reps per side
4) Spiderman Pushup - 8 reps per side
5) 1-Leg Reaching Lunge - 12 reps per side
6) X-Body Mountain Climber - 10 reps per side
7) Prone Stick-up - 8 reps
8] T-Pushup - 10 reps per side

Remember to ask about our
Holiday 6 session discount!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

3 Great Workshops fo You and Your Child

3 Great workshops for Your Kids and
1 Video to help Remove Blocks to Success

I thought it would be interesting to show you a video about a way to eliminate some of the BLOCKS to success.

Laura's Upcoming workshops

January, 27, 2008 - Self Esteem Workshop
Calle Mayor Middle School
4800 Calle Mayor Drive, Torrance CA 90505

With a teens hectic schedule, keeping up with technology, trying to wear the right clothing, getting good grades, and just keeping their heads above water..... Our kids are innundated with things to think (or stress) about. It is no wonder that some of them feel lost and have low self esteem. Just as our lives are becoming more complicated as the years pass... so are the lives of our children. This workshop will give you tools to help your child improve their self esteem.

January 13th - Homework Presentation -
Jefferson Middle School -
21717 Talisman Street, Torrance CA 90503

Give your child a leg up in school! This presentation has the ins and outs of homework completion and how you, as a parent can help. As a teacher for 10 years, I share the secrets, and not so secrets regarding homework - including how to avoid the homework struggle!

January 28th - Bullying Assemblies
Jefferson Middle School
21717 Talisman Street, Torrance CA 90503

I will be presenting an assembly to the students of Jefferson Middle school on bullying. These assemblies will include what bullying is: including the 4 different types of bullying, and a brief discussion on how to deal with bullying. The goal is to increase the awareness of the students in an attempt to help eliminate future situations. The presentation will be geared for kids and will include elements of music, humor, and interesting facts to keep their attention.

Visit my webpage for more information or to make an appointment. It is never too late to begin the journey to becoming your personal best!

Sincerely,Laura Kennerson, MA MFT intern, IMF 49829
Supervised by Cathy Chambliss MFT MFC 39875
310-530-7750 ext 6
2780 Skypark Drive,
Suite 205
Torrance CA 90505