Friday, January 23, 2009

Turbulence Training Bodyweight Circuit

If you've been doing long, slow boring cardio but aren't getting theresults you want, or

if you've found you just don't have time for these long workouts,

I have great news for you. Men's Health expert, Craig Ballantyne, just sent me this bodyweight workout to give to you he also is giving you some
free sample workout videos on his site here:=>

This workout consists of 8 intermediate bodyweight exercises done in a circuit to replace long, slow cardio workouts. Combined with the advanced nutrition guidelines found on Craig's site, you'll lose fat faster with bodyweight exercises than you will with cardio. Here's a perfect way for to do a quick workout first thing in the morning before your day gets hectic.

"Turbulence Training Bodyweight Circuit"o

Do each exercise at a 1-0-1 pace except for the holds.o For Jumping Jacks & Running High Knees, go as fast as possible.o Do all exercises without resting between each.o At the end of the circuit, rest 1 minute & repeat twice more for a total of 3

"Bodyweight Circuits".

1) Jumping Jacks - 30 reps

2) Close-grip Pushup - 10 reps

3) Walking Lunge - 10 reps per side

4) Spiderman Climb - 10 reps per side

5) Wall Squat Hold - 30 second hold

6) Side Plank Hold - 30 second hold per side

7) Mountain Climber - 10 reps per side

8] Running High Knees - 20 reps per sideEnjoy!

Like I said, Craig even has more sample bodyweight workout videos upon his site here:


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