Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stay Strong!!!

Ahhhh...To be young and agile! LOL! Check me out @20secs in.

Now we’re all entering the heart of holiday season here now, but I want you to stay strong !

Now if you still have Halloween candy sitting around, let’s go to our Transformation tip:

The harsh truth is…”If it is in your house, you’re going to eat it.”

So get rid of the junk, and don’t let it get there in the first place! Do not rationalize a reason for it to be there. Just dump it. You WILL feel better about it, you WILL benefit from it and you WILL NOT have to stop yourself from eating it because it wont be there!

and now check out this research study…

J Am Coll Nutr. 28(2):159-68. Adherence and success in long-term weight loss diets: the dietary intervention randomized controlled trial (DIRECT).

The scientists wanted to see if people could stick to different diets.

They studied 322 overweight men and women in 3 diet groups:


Greater weight loss achieved when diets sustained for longer than month-6 was the main predictor associated with success in weight loss.

So sitck with it...

Holidays were a trigger to a significant decrease in adherence followed by a rebound.

Be ready to get back on track...

Generally, the most irresistible restricted food items were cookies (45% of dieters) and fruits (30%).

Just dump it...

Among the physically active (n = 107), 44% reported a tendency to eat less after exercising.


Whats the new buzz at End Results?!?!


When? Tues/Thurs @10

I'm sure if you twist Jessica's arm she'll add more classes or Personal Training too!

Have you heard of fitness bootcamp workouts?

You’ve probably heard me mention them recently, but I’ve just discovered a surprising new benefit to these types of workouts (and ALL partner and group workouts in general). In a recent issue of the Economist, I stumbled across an article reporting this

“Research shows that if you train with others, you can endure more discomfort and you can train harder.”

That means more results, and it’s just one more reason why you should be training with a partner.

The right training partner and environments are crucial for success. Get after it!

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