Monday, November 2, 2009

Adding in Pilates and Take away the Candy

Time to add in Pilates and...
...keep that candy out of site!
Happy Post-Howloween!!!

Transformation Tip: Just a simple, but timely tip today…Make sure you remove excess sugar from your diet if you want maximum mental energy and fat burning.

There are many hidden sources of sugar…how many can you cut out of your diet?

You can do it.

Plan, Shop & Prepare: Make sure to add lots of high-fiber foods to your diet.

Fiber fills you up, and great sources include soups, fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. It keeps you lean and full so you don’t overeat.

Have you heard the new addition to End Results?!?!

Yes! We finally have Pilates!!!

When? Tues/Thurs @10

I'm sure if you twist Jessica's arm she'll add more classes or Personal Training too!
You’ve probably heard me mention them recently, but I’ve just discovered a surprising new benefit to these types of workouts (and ALL partner and group workouts in general). In a recent issue of the Economist, I stumbled across an article reporting this…“Research shows that if you train with others, you can endure more discomfort and you can train harder.”
That means more results, and it’s just one more reason why you should be training with a partner.
The right training partner and environments are crucial for success. Get after it!

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