Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Making the decision to take action to change your life is never easy. It usually means stepping out of your comfort zone, doing something different than you "usually" do. You have to dig deep and find motivation to drive you and above all you have to DECIDE.
If you're like me, you get an idea or someone says something to you and it starts to snowball in your head into a discussion of could I do that? I don't know if that would be possible. I wonder if I have it in me? This could be a challenge to do something physical, maybe a race or chin ups or lift a certain amount of weight. Or it could be something with your career, possibly going for that next promotion or getting out of a job you hate. Or it could be with a relationship- possibly asking someone out or making the first move.
Bottom line whatever that discussion is going on in your head right now this is to encourage you to DECIDE.

Take action and jump!

Jump and the Net Will Appear! Sometimes these undertakings will be scary at first or intimidating. Maybe you have decided to join a gym and walking in you have butterflies and are nervous. That feeling won't last forever in any of these situations whether it is a jump to get fit, a jump to challenge yourself to a physical goal, a jump to take on new opportunities at work....

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