Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dave's workout

Transformation Tip:
It is how you fit into your clothes and look in the mirror that counts. NO ONE wears a scale around the neck or a t-shirt with their weight on the back.

It’s just a number. Don’t get hung up on it.

And now…it's time…to…get…it on!

Here is Dave's workout today:

1a Squat and Row x 12

1b Push up and knee tuck on Swiss ball x 12

10min as many rounds as possible

2a Squat and Press x 12

2b Lever Crunch on Swiss Ball x 20

2c Lat Pull down x 12

10min as many rounds as possible

Big finisher!

4 rounds of Intervals on the treadmill!


What a way to start your day.

Do something for your self

Improves health, strength, endurance, burn calories or just to make sure
you can keep up with your little ones!
So...What's all the buzz about ?!?!

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David said...

Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell.