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6 Tips to Make Your Resolutions Stick

6 Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions,
3 Great workshops for Your Kids and
1 Video to help Remove Blocks to Success

I thought it would be interesting to show you a video about a way to eliminate some of the BLOCKS to success.

6 Tips:

If you are anything like me.... each year you come up with a list of all the things you would like to do differently in the next year. Eat healthy, exercise, spend more quality time with family, and save more money are always among my top ten! Isn't it funny how here it is December and my list is exactly the same as last years. (give or take a few!) You can not say my intention wasn't there. I get an A+ for effort (or do I?). You see, the effort is all about making the resolutions stick! That means not saying things I 'd like to change but actually making the changes. If this were the case.... My list would not be the same from year to year. So, to change it up this year I decided to figure out how to break the cycle. Here are my suggestions to make your resolutions stick!

1. Be realistic -
Make sure that you aren't setting your expectations too high. If your goal is to lose weight.... You can't simply expect to drop 50 lbs in 2 - 3 months! In the case of losing weight - about a pound to two pounds a week would be more realistic. Do some research about your goal so that you can have realistic expectations. Also don't forget to give yourself credit for the baby steps you make. A loss of 3 pounds is a loss! Even if your goal was to lose 10 pounds, you did move closer to your goal and that is progress.

2. Write down your expectations/goal -
For whatever reason writing down your goals helps to bring them to fruition. It is quite a complicated scientific process that I am not about to try to explain here. In a nutshell... by writing down our goals it etches them into our memory and forces the brain to realize the goals are something we would like to accomplish. When we go to do something related to our goals our brains trigger a reminder or red flag to us. Besides all the scientific mumbo jumbo - if it is written down, it will be easier to monitor your progress through out the year.

3. Be flexible -
Curve balls come at us all the time! Be prepared for them by allowing some flexiblity. This is the step where I will again remind you to give yourself credit for the small successes or baby steps. Acknowledge the process, or the journey to getting to your goal.

4. Create a plan -
If you want to resolve something (hence the name resolution) coming up with a plan is a great way to do it! Break up your goal into smaller pieces. I like to think of it like a school project. Do research, write an outline, rough draft, make revisions, and rewrite. Voila! The project is complete! To come back out of the analogy and explain what I am trying to say -break it down into smaller pieces to reach your end goal. This makes it more attainable and helps you to realize the change won't occur over night!

5. Be Passionate!
Of course there is not a guarentee of completion unless you truly "buy into" the resolution. If it is really something you would like to change or do, make it happen! Nothing can stand in the way of a determined individual. Pick some things you are passionate about and the struggle to get to your goal will be a little less invasive.

6. Make it a family affair.
At Thanksgiving many families share what they are thankful for. Why not share your resolutions? Family and friends are a great way to keep you focused on your goal (and vica versa). It is also great when you have a partner in crime shooting for the same goal. Think of it as power in numbers! The more people you have on your side... the more likely you are to see results. What a great new tradition to start!

Change is always a scary and stressful thing for all of us. However, change can be great, and can bring new joys, loves, experiences, and happiness. You don't want to stop yourself from receiving these kind of things, do you? So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make your resolutions! And this year make them stick!

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